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Kavita Baliga is Here to Make an Impact

Kavita Baliga had only one dream; and that is to work in the field of music. When this American soprano left the country, she never thought that she will find a home in Chennai to carry on with her passion for music. She assisted AR Rahman for several years, and now she is all prepared to help other nurture their passion in music.

Kavita Baliga is Here to Make an Impact

Kavita says, “After meeting so many different kinds of people, I realized that artistes need a platform to promote their work that we didn’t really have. What I do is act as a producer and project coordinator for artistes. There is a lot of administrative work that happens.”

“I can proudly say that I have been in the field of music all my life. I began playing the piano when I was around five years old. My parents put me in piano and western music classes. I took Hindustani singing when I was 12 years. I realized I connected more to singing than piano. I joined the school choir and it sort of grew up from there. I ended up doing both my graduation and post-graduation in western music and opera. And right after that, I got a job with Rahman,” she said, beaming in pride for her accomplishment.

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