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Kamal replies why he is in Bigg Boss?

Kamal Haasan who is currently busy in Politics suddenly jumped into the second season of Bigg Boss. Most of them were baffled as he jumped to hosting Bigg Boss once again. Also, he never showed signs of restarting his long pending ‘Sabash Naidu‘ or starting the sequel of ‘Indian’.

Kamal Haasan faced severe criticism from all quarters and he was pushed to answer. Kamal Haasan has now answered the question of why he agreed to host the second season of Bigg Boss. He said, “In this personal benefit, I also see a public benefit.

Bigg Boss Season 2 Kamal Haasan

I have been in the film industry for more than 60 years. But what I couldn’t earn in these 60 years is now available in these 100 days reality show. Through Cinema, I can be Velu Nayakkar, Virumandi or a Vikram, but only through this reality show, I can be Kamal Haasan.

There’s still a lot to do as a Politician. But I can’t do it all alone. I need people with me. I am just using this show as a tool to gather people with me. This show is having both personal as well as public benefits. In short, it’s going to be a Win-Win situation.”

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