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Ghosty Movie Review

Storytellers of Tamil cinema need to evaluate their clinginess to the horror comedy genre which is getting insufferable with every flick relentlessly being made on the genre. The movie is about a cop who takes it upon herself to hunt down a fugitive gangster who was incarcerated by her father a couple of decades ago. Actress Kajal Aggarwal who was last seen in the romantic comedy drama Hey! Sinamika is back on screens with her horror comedy film Ghosty. Actor Yogi Babu has played a vital part in the flick. Director Kalyaan has penned and helmed the drama. So, how has the horror comedy film Ghosty come out? Will it help actress Kajal Aggarwal to establish a bankable lead heroine image, and revitalize her career in Tamil cinema? To know that let us get into the movie review. 

Ghosty Telugu Poster

Ghosty Telugu Poster

The film follows the life of Aarthi (Kajal Aggarwal), a cop who is on the verge of suspension for her conduct. Then we have a flashback, in which we witness Aarthi along with her colleagues Aadhi (Urvashi) and Mayil (Sathyan) sets up on a journey to incarcerate Das (K S Ravikumar), a gangster who was imprisoned by her father but managed to escape from prison. Das on his part wants to exact revenge on the whole unit that was responsible for putting him in prison. Aarthi meets Yogi Babu, Redin Kingsley, and Jagan who claim themselves to be movie buff and wannabe filmmakers. They try to lure her into playing the lead of their upcoming film. 

In an unfortunate turn of events, Yogi Babu, Redin Kingsley, and Jagan are exposed to a chemical from a research laboratory which upends their lives. Meanwhile, on her mission to catch Das, Aarthi accidently shoots an innocent person to death. She and her colleagues get terrified when they start to experience paranormal activities. They seek the aid of a shaman to put an end to eerie activities. Who did Aarthi kill, has the murdered person turned into a ghost, and if so, will they be able to escape its wrath, is what makes the rest of the flick.  

Ghosty is that kind of product when an amateur who has zero cooking skills toss in a range of ingredients, he could get his hands on, and tries to cook like a chef for fun. What to expect of a dish that comes out of such a cooking? There is a tad probability that you might get away safely eating the dish. But in the case of Ghosty there is not an iota of chance to get away safe. It is not the cliches or poor taste of comedy or the bad quality of the script in general that is worrisome about Ghosty, but the lack of effort that is exasperating to stomach. 

Literally, in every piece of the film there is convenient convenience. For instance, most of the one-liner gags used in the film seem to be shot with the flow without any thought as to whether it will work or not. Where not there any people or even assistant directors on the spot when they shot the film? Did they find the so-called quips in the movie to be funny? The screenplay not just wanders but cuts in and out from various points as director Kalyaan sees fit. At least his previous films Gulaebaghavali and Jackpot had few jokes here and there, and something as a script to ride on to get the audience on board. But Ghosty has neither, and is a complete work of lethargy. 

Actress Kajal Aggarwal has more than fifty titles to her name but still struggles to shoulder even a next to nothing role. Despite being a lead part, her role feels like a filler role and does not hold much room for her to perform. Veteran director K S Ravikumar has done a fine job discounting a few moments here and there. Actor Yogi Babu in a comedy role for the umpteenth time. But it is excruciating to watch him do stuff in the pretext of comedy. Actor Aadukalam Naren’s role has very little bearing on the proceedings, yet the actor does complete justice to it. Veteran actress Urvashi serves her purpose for being on board. Actor Redin Kingsley is adequate. Actors Suresh Chandra Menon, and Subbu Panchu are operational. Comedians Jagan, Tiger Thangadurai, Sathyan, Manobala, Motta Rajendran, Mayilsamy, Swaminathan, Devadarshini, and Livingston find it incredibly difficult to make jokes. Actors Jai, and Radhika Sarathkumar make their presence felt even in a cameo appearance. The rest of the cast has delivered an average performance. 

On the technical front, music director Sam C S’s tracks do not create an enjoyable experience. Even his background score does not add much value to the film. There is nothing special in cinematographer Jacob Rathinaraj’s frames. He has done a middling job in covering the drama. Editor Vijay Velukutty’s editing dexterity is not sufficient to clip off the shortcomings in the work of his colleague.

On the whole, actress Kajal Aggarwal’s Ghosty has nothing going its way which is only made worse by appalling performances from the cast. 

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