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Parris Jeyaraj Movie Review

Actor Santhanam finally seems to have sorted out all the financial issues revolving around his flicks – a factor that has been a great hindrance for his entertainers to hit the screens. As the result the actor’s films have begun to hit the screens frequently just like when he was staring as a comedian. Couple of months ago the star had a release in the likes of parody drama Biskoth. Within a short span he has yet another release through Parris Jeyaraj. After A 1: Accused No 1 director Johnson K has once again teamed up with actor Santhanam for the second time for Parris Jeyaraj. While A1: Accused No 1 did not deliver the commercial success the duo would have aimed for, will Parris Jeyaraj give hand to the duo? To know let us get in to the movie review.

Parris Jeyaraj

The comedy drama follows the life of Parris Jeyaraj (Santhanam), a YouTube celebrity from North Madras who has attained stardom through his Gaana singing ability. He lives with his father Prakash Raj (Prudhvi Raj), a lawyer well known for his success rate in handling divorce cases and his reputation for breaking up relationships. Parris Jeyaraj falls in love with a girl and attempts to win her heart. When the girl’s father comes to know of this he wants to break his daughter’s relationship with Parris Jeyaraj. He hires Prakash Raj to carry out this task. Without being aware that he is going to wreck the relation of his son, Prakash Raj succeeds in doing what he does best. He sabotages his own son’s love. Naturally, Parris Jeyaraj breaks down and thinks it is all over for him. He does what all Tamil cinema heroes do after a love failure. He gets drunk all the time and has no real purpose in life.

When Parris Jeyaraj’s life was about to hit the bottom, a college student Divya (Anaika Soti) comes in search of him and asks him to sing in her college function. Parris Jeyaraj takes up her offer. In no time Parris Jeyaraj falls for Divya and does all sort of gimmicks to get her to fall for him. Eventually, he succeeds in his attempt. Divya who is also recovering from a break up falls for him. But unfortunately, once again Parris Jeyaraj’s father becomes the antagonist for his love. Then we have a twist in the tale and Divya’s ex walks in to the picture again. The situation gets messed up. Amidst all this chaos will Parris Jeyaraj succeed in his love, what is the twist about, and will Parris Jeyaraj and Divya end up together, is what makes the rest of the flick.

Just like his previous flick with actor Santhanam director Johnson has tried to cash in on the actor’s comical prowess rather than building a cashable entertaining plot. Already there is a common presumption not only among the critics but also among the audience that Santhanam’s films are just like the extended version of Lollu Sabba. Even Parris Jeyaraj will only add fodder to that opinion. The first half of the entertainer moves sluggishly with little drama and couple of gaana songs. With a twist we are sent to the interval. It is only in the second half the film gets entertaining with setting up a comically intricate situation that would give space for humor. But the story teller ruins his last resort as well with a bad casting that suffers with their improper expressions.

Actor Santhanam might have made up his mind to star only as a lead hero, but the audience has not yet changed their expectations for what to expect of a Santhanam’s film. Parris Jeyaraj is also a typical Santhanam styled movie where the star keeps mouthing a horde of one-liners. But the problem here is the comedy lines are not effective and only evoke laugh occasionally. It gets sore to the point that even the director himself makes his lead character to say,”Idhu joke nu sirikriya? Illa idhullam joke nu solranae nu sirikriya?” And when the only strength of the flick withers Parris Jeyaraj has nothing else to offer to the audience. It is high time the actor realize the road that he has begun to walk seems like a dead end. And soon take diversion to walk back again towards the entertaining zone.

Actor Santhanam battles hard to shoulder the flick on his own. Despite his confidence he struggles due to the lack of effective comical counters. On the other side, it is only fair to say that the actor has worked on his dancing and stunt sequences, which is quite evident – seems like the actor would not rest until he turns in to a successful action hero. Actress Anaika Soti suffers even in the simple role and looks miserable with her terrible lip sync. Actor Prudhvi Raj is clueless while the rest of the cast has delivered a mediocre performance.

On the technical front, music director Santhosh Narayanan who is known for his soothing melodies has changed track to gaana this time around but shines as usual. Cinematographer Arthur A. Wilson’s frames are adequate while his counterpart editor Prakash Mabbu upholds his work.

On the whole, Parris Jeyaraj is just another typical Santhanam’s movie that could easily be missed without worries.

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