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Kidaari is an out and out action film. The first half moves fast with comedy and second half is full of action scenes. Romantic scenes between Sasikumar and Nikhila Vimal are not up to expectations. Overall, ‘Kidaari’ doesn’t make an impact as expected, however he scores in few places!

  • Kidaari Movie Rating

Kidaari is yet another action film written and directed by debutante director Prasath Murugesan. The movie features actor-director Sasikumar and Nikhila Vimal in the lead roles. The film is produced by Sasikumar under the banner of Company Productions. Darbuka Siva is the music director for ‘Kidaari’. S.R. Kathir has made the cinematography and the editing part was made by Praveen Antony.

Actor Napoleon has acted in a crucial role. Actors like Suja Varunee, O.A. K. Sundar, Vela Ramamurthy has enacted in supporting roles. Earlier Sasikumar has attained the title ‘Kidaari’ from the director Samuthirakani who had previously registered the title when making ‘Kitna’, which hasn’t started the direction so far.

Kidaari - Sasikumar and Nikhila Vimal

Sasikumar’s style of acting is different, which will be rough and tough and he has acted in many movies based on village based stories. Nikhila Vimal has also paired with Sasikumar, with his previous movie titled as ‘Vetrivel’ and she has acted as his wife. Nikhila has enacted decently and her acting has received appreciations from many in Kollywood industry.

The plot is simple Kidaari (Sasikumar) is a loyal servant for his master Kombaiya Pandiyan (Vela Ramamoorthy). He is a local don and he has lots of enemies around. They plan to kill him and each time Kidaari saves him. At one stage Kidaari is forced to be in dDo or die situation. What he does is answered with violence and gore.

Napoleon’s role is the turning point for the movie. The first part moves little bit fastly as comedian Soori along with Sasikumar has made the audience little tension free with their comical sense of humor. The songs are good and few songs have captured minds of many. The movie is filled with more action scenes in the second part, which makes the audience move here and there. The romantic scenes are not up to the anticipations, but Nikhila has done justice to her roles.

The editing part is lengthy as few scenes are boring for the audience, but Kathir’s cinematography work was excellent. Sasikumar has spoken many punch dialogues and few make many to sleep when watching the movie. Sasikumar’s role in action scenes are good.

Overall, ‘Kidaari’ doesn’t make an impact as expected, however he scores in few places!

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