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Amala paul makes a strong statement with a semi nude picture

The dusky Malayalam actress has a favorite habit of embroiling herself in some sort of controversies one after the other and never longs to stay low. Thanks to all the controversies that kept her in the limelight enough to make her one of the leading ladies of Tamil cinema. Right from her debut in the controversial adult film Sindhu Samaveli to the recent teaser of her next adult film Aadai, controversies have always accompanied actress Amala Paul throughout her career. Sometimes it even becomes difficult for one to differentiate whether the actress hounds after controversies or it is the other way around.

The actress has been in the news ever since the teaser of her next adult film hit the social media. The teaser launched by popular Bollywood director and producer Karan Johar on his twitter handle created a storm not only in Tamil but throughout India. Similar to the portrayal of social message scenes uttered rhetorically by the lead heroes going viral in cinema, the news channels and websites in the country reported the launch of the teaser. Such was the height of boldness that actress Amala Paul had touched in the teaser. Then came the news of the actress substituted by actress Megha Akash in the Vijay Sethupathi starrer to which the actress claimed that she was thrown out of the project for no solid reasons and went on to suggest that the production house should change their patriarchical mindset.

Now, the actress has again hit the news by making a strong statement. Even in spite of everything the actress has stated that she will continue to march forward in life. Sharing a poster on her twitter handle from Aadai in which she looks fierce and half nude, the actress has stated, ‘I’ll fight, I’ll survive, let obstacles come, big or small, I’ll shine, I’ll stand tall, crush them to bits & blow away the dust, my strength is the only thing I trust for freedom & happiness combined I thrive because if you have will, then no one can fail, well this is just me, it is my tale.’ The post has gone viral and the fans of the actress are sharing the post to express their support for their favorite star.

While she is garnering more than enough quotient of attention in recent times with controversies hitting the news back to back, the experts in the industry states that the digital marketing team of Aadai is right on business and are working hard to deserve every penny paid to them. It is true that the actress has brought enough attention on Aadai, but we will have to wait to see whether the attention garnered ensures the success of the venture.

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