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100 Movie Review

Police stories and Tamil cinema have a weird connection, where cops are generally shown in the shadows of baddies and inefficient or incapable to their position but when the same Khaki is worn by our heroes the scenario turns contrary where we get to witness a righteous cop, a seeker of justice and an intellectual with excellent investigative acumen. At some point of their career there comes a time when an actor chooses to wear khaki in order to seek justice for his fans and in 100 directed by Sam Anton it is the turn of actor Atharvaa to don the khaki and seek justice.

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Sathya (Atharvaa), a young man desire to be a stern cop who hunts down criminals without mercy, a cop in the context of Singam Surya or Saamy Vikram. After his exams he awaits for the confirmation letter from the department. In the meantime he showcases his first spell of heroism by trashing a college kid Vicky (Raaj Aiyappa) for misbehaving with Ayesha (Harija), the sister of his cop friend Anwar (Mahesh). Shortly after the incident he meets his about to become love of his life Nisha (Hansika Motwani) who happens to be the sister of Vicky. Very shortly after the cute meet we get to listen to Sathya reciting few reasons as to why he fell for Nisha. One of the many reasons happens to be that she is a working woman who makes home before the sunset. One could not help but think what views does the director holds on women that work on the night shift slot. Eventually the inevitability happens the both fall for each other.

This makes up the first 25 to 30 minutes of the film, by the time Sathya gets his appointment order. But to his disappointment he gets posted in a control room to handle the calls that comes to the department, most of which are prank calls and few funny calls from kids who wants there exams to be postponed. Meanwhile we get the introduction of veteran actor Radha Ravi as Pistol Prabhakaran, who has this funny name as he has never used his pistol once in his service so far. After a point of time Sathya gets bored of attending calls and that is when he gets a call that demands his brain as well as brawn to solve the case. On his 100th call a girl who is assumed to be dead by the police department claims that she is not dead but was kidnapped by a group.

Sathya decides to go beyond his line of duty to get the girl home safe, but when he begins to trace the call and venture in to the incident he stumbles up on a web of crimes that encompass kidnappings, drugs, fake facebook accounts, sex trade, rich businessmen and a twist, that is more predictable. Did Sathya manage to expose the aristocrats behind these crimes, was he able to get the girl home safe, is what makes the rest of the film.

Atharvaa, who has proved his talents more than enough in his short career has delivered what was asked of him. But the script falls short of scope to extract the full potential of the actor as it is quite expected of a commercial film like 100. It is sad to see bubbly actress Hansikaa Motwani suffer miserably with her lip sync even after doing a good number of films in Tamil cinema. We get to see the actress oddly in the film; however she manages to have a couple of songs in the film. Yogi Babu shines as a jewel as usual with his one liner and as fellow trainee of Atharvaa. Veteran Radha Ravi seems to have been brought on board to give the finishing touch to the film.

On the whole, the film is a cliché cop film that has nothing new to offer to audience but dressed up as a justice seeker for contemporary sexual harassments that took place in the state. It seems like the film makers are incapable to craft a film on sexual harassment that evokes the emotions of audience without citing reference to Nirbhaya, the infamous Nungambakkam murder, and the recent Pollachi issue.

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