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Vetrimaaran has idea to make movie about Jallikkatu

Earlier Kollywood industry’s director Vetrimaaran has directed a movie based on cock fight in the movie titled as Aadugalam. The movie has won national award for the making. Meanwhile presently in Tamilnadu the talk of the state is Jallikkatu issue and when asked to him about directing movie based on Jallikkatu.

Vetrimaaran He has said that Jallikkatu is a traditional sport and it should be played as per rules and regulations. He has also said that Jallikkatu ban is because of animal killing. When it is an animal killing then bursting crackers for Deepawali and immersing Lord Vinayaga idols in sea has to be banned first.

Vettrimaaran has said that he has got the rights from a novel writer for his novel ‘ Vaadi Vaasal‘ and very soon will direct a movie based on Jallikkatu. Director Ameer is also directing a movie titled as Santhanadevan which is based on Jallikkatu.

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