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Satna Titus makes her debut in Pichaikkaran

These days Kollywood is running dry of heroines. We are just getting most actresses from neighbouring states. Especially Kerala actresses have huge market in Tamil Nadu. The latest addition to this list is Satna Titus.
Satna Titus

Satna Titus makes her debut in Tamil cinema with the movie ‘Pichaikkaran‘. Vijay Antony does male lead role. Sasi directs the project. The shooting of the movie was wrapped recently. Now regarding the movie, Satna Titus says,

“I am completely irrelevant to cinema industry. I just started to act in advertisements. Sasi sir found me through one of the ads, and he contacted me. When I said, I am going to act, my parents and family opposed me. But as I was persistent, they let go of me.

Sasi sir movies always prioritize females. This movie is also the same. Vijay Antony sir was so soft on the outside. But when it comes in front of camera, he shapes into another person.”


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