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Jeyam Ravi in different posing for his next

Earlier in Kollywood industry there were movies were the hero went from one role to the other. But recently there were no such movies and it is said that recently Jeyam Ravi and Aravind Swamy are acting on ‘Bogan‘ and this movie is one such movie, where the hero movies from one role to another.

The major part of the movie’s story is inside Jeyam Ravi’s body Aravind Swamy’s life goes and in the climax Jeyam Ravi’s life moves into Aravind Swamy’s body. The formula is old, but in this movie it is made in latest technology base.

Usually in a dead man’s body the other man’s life may go, but in this story the life of one person moves to the other when he is alive. This movie will be a different experience for the movie viewers. Jeyam Ravi has exposed himself in a different angle than his ‘Thani Oruvan’. Keep watching for more refreshments.

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