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Raja Ranguski Movie Review

Raja Ranguski is one of the most anticipated movies due to the lead protagonist Shirish. Shirish’s last outing ‘METRO’ was praised on all quarters. And the trailer of Raja Ranguski evoked an interest as the trailer itself created a mystery. So, what is this movie all about?

A Police constable becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a woman. A Killer makes him the suspect so that he can clear his name. Has he done it? What happens? Watch on the big screen. The movie begins with the title card with a tribute to Late Writer Sujatha.

Raja Ranguski

Raja is a constable who falls in love with Ranguski. He makes her to accept his love by posing himself as a stalker over phone. He succeeds too. But he gets the shock of his life when he gets some mysterious calls from a person mimicking his own voice!

The caller threatens to kill Ranguski and Raja tries to protect her and due to this he ends up as a suspect in the murder of her neighbiyr. Raja has to clear the name and find out the real killer. The romance between Raja and Ranguski sets up an interesting premise.

The first half givesĀ a gripping murder mystery and it adds tension to the tale. Yuvan’s haunting BGM elevates the darkness and gives an eerie feel. The director himself gives few clues and sets up the tension so well.

The cinematographer deserves special mention for showing the darkness in the exact frames. But the problem is the movie falls flat when the knots are revealed as the final revelation is not at all convincing.

Overall, A good first half ruined by average second half!

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