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Raiza Wilson was Worried About Food in Bigg Boss House

Raiza Wilson is a household name now, thanks to Bigg Boss. Once out, Raiza shares her story on being part of the reality TV show.

Raiza Wilson

“Fashion choreographer Ajit Menon had informed me about this show being done in Tamil for the first time, and asked whether I’d be interested in participating. Initially, I was apprehensive, as I hadn’t even watched the Hindi version. I did have a vague idea, but it was a little scary. But then I realised that it would be a good platform for me. I was confident that I was not going to get into any major brawls. As a person, I am chilled out. I am not someone who is going to pick a fight or shout at others. The only thing I was worried about was food. As a model, you need to be fit and stay in shape. So, I was upset about having rice every day. But I knew once I come out, I can get back into shape. I was nervous and scared as to how I would live with them for so many days. But this was a big experience for me — I got to know more about myself, too. I thought it would be difficult, but I was able to connect with people immediately.

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