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Oyee Movie Review

Oyee is a romantic movie and the movie features Geethan Britto, Eesha, Arjunan, Sangili Murugan, Nagineedu, Neelima Rani and Papri Ghosh have acted in this movie. Oyee is directed by Francis Markus. Geetham Britto is the male lead and Papri Ghosh is the female lead for this movie. The movie starts from a ladies prison where Swetha (Eesha) has made her entry.

Oyee Movie

Swetha comes for her sister’s wedding in parole and her purpose of in prison is not shown till the end, but she murders a man unconditionally. Swetha meets Krish (Geethan Britto) in a bus who is moving to meet his lover Gayatri (Papri Ghosh).

Swetha gets Krish’s ancestral necklace which is not known to Krish and she goes to his native to return the necklace and Krish’s family members believe that Swetha is their daughter in law as she wore the necklace. The family members are more caring and affectionate over Swetha and so she was not able to reveal the truth that she is not their son’s would be.

By the time, Krish returns home and he says his family members that Swetha is not his Gayathri. But Swetha by her affection and innocence gets into their heart as she hasn’t got the affection since her childhood. Meanwhile Krish participates in a Silambu competition which is organized by his other relatives in the village. The unanticipated arrival of Gayathri to the village turns the movie to a predictable and a triangular love story arises.

Actors Arjunan and Sangili Murugan have enacted as a family member and they have tried to create laughter, but it doesn’t happen. Nagineedu is the main person in the family and he has done justice to his role. Geethan’s effort to learn the basics in Silambam is appreciatable. Yuga has captured the village’s greenish scenes excellently through his cinematography. The director should have made the Silambam contest as the main theme. Illayaraja’s music was not up to the expectations

Overall, this movie is not worth your time and money.

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