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Burqa Movie Review

The flick is about a man who alters the life of a Muslim woman who is asked to be in isolation until the completion of Iddah period. Actor Kalaiyarasan who was last seen in a supporting role in the neo noir action thriller movie Pathu Thala is back on screens with his romance drama Burqa in which he has played the lead part. Actress Mirnaa Menon has essayed the female lead role in the flick. Storyteller Sarjun K M who shot to fame with his sensational short films Lakshmi and Maa has directed the movie. Writer Anusuya Vasudevan has shaped the screenplay for the film. So, how has the romance drama Burqa come out? Will it help propel actor Kalaiyarasan as a marketable lead hero in Kollywood, and be a memorable venture for film maker Sarjun K M? To know that let us get into the movie review. 

Burqa Movie Poster

Burqa Movie Poster

Burqa revolves around Najma (Mirnaa Menon), a 21-year-old medic wife who has just lost her husband Anwar (Suriyanarayanan), and has been pressured to isolate herself during the grieving process in the name of tradition. The film opens to the monotonous routine of Najma that instead of healing her takes a toll on her mental health. She tries to find solace in the holy book. Doing so she has completed nearly one and a half months of her confinement. When suppression of her emotions along with the mundane daily chores begin to agonize her, fate brings an injured Surya (Kalaiyarasan) into her life seeking her aid. Najma choses to breach her tradition that kept the doors of her house shut as she opens it at the request on humanitarian grounds. She takes Surya in and tends to his injuries. They both start a conversation that seeps through the intricacies of life, religion, and tradition. Will Surya manage to unshackle Najma from her solitary confinement, and will their path diverge after a day’s stay is what makes the rest of the flick. 

After an experiment in Airaa director Sarjun K M resorts to his forte. Burqa, much like the rebellious nature of his short films Lakshmi and Maa, takes on a sensitive topic that is often deemed as taboo for exploration. Films that intend to create a discussion round a sensitive issue fail primarily due to two foibles. Inadequate knowledge on the topic and amateur or condescending approach in dealing with the subject. Burqa dodges both, and exhibits a level of genuineness and nuance in exploring the theme. Film maker Sarjun K M shows no hesitancy and tables traditional practices that instead of comforting people suffocate them. Then we have a discourse over it from the viewpoint of the one who experiences them. One of the biggest strengths of Burqa is the characterization of its lead characters. The ground from which the perspectives of both the characters stem from is cleverly molded to support the tone of the film. Surya being an atheist and Najma a believer but has qualms with following the regressive practices enforced in the name of tradition. Two individuals hinged at opposite poles of a spectrum is what makes this conversation drama engaging. 

Credit to writer Anusuya Vasudevan for effectively shaping the flow of the film. Despite being a slow burner, the film does not drive us to squirm in our seats. Generally, in dramas such as this, it is easy to get carried away and offer dramatic solutions. But Burqa acknowledges the difficulty and mindset of people in unlearning these practices to bring about a change. Another challenging part of Burqa is, it happens inside a closed space between two characters for a predominant period. Surprisingly, we do not feel the tiredness of a restrained space. Story teller Sarjun K M and cinematographer Balamurugan demonstrate their hold over their craft by playing with details, camera positions, and colors, to light up the frame. On a negative note, the film could not escape portions of contrived dialogue and stepping on its own foot. However, the overall work clouds over it. Director Sarjun K M’s Burqa walks on a delicate rope. A slightest slip would easily have turned Burqa into a controversial film given the political climate in the country. But Sarjun K M with his fine writing avoids any slip-ups, and ends up presenting an engaging conversational drama in Burqa. 

Predominant portion of the film is centered around its lead artists Kalaiyarasan and Mirnaa Menon. They both together carry forward the film comfortably. Just like the aging of wine, with each character he plays, actor Kalaiyarasan is metamorphosing into a fine artist with the adeptness to get in the shoes of any character and bring it to life. He takes complete control of the proceedings without much exertion. Actress Mirnaa Menon’s character has layers of vulnerability, chaos, and resolve. The actress lives up to the challenge and does complete justice to her part. Actor G M Kumar as usual makes his presence felt even in a limited screen time with his fine performance. Actor Suriyanarayanan serves the purpose for which he was brought on board. The rest of the cast has delivered what was asked of them. 

On the technical front, music director Sivatmikha’s music adds value to the drama. The only number in the flick is inspiring but not playlist worthy. He shines with his background score where his music easily blends with the flow. Especially, in the early tense stretch between the lead characters. Cinematographer Balamurugan has done a decent job covering the flick. He has mounted his cameras in the best angles possible. Editor B Pravin Baaskar has clipped and clubbed the clips to supplement the work of his colleague. 

On the whole, story teller Sarjun K M’s Burqa takes a regressive traditional practice, dissects, questions, and presents it in a simple yet engaging fashion.

Burqa is available for streaming on Aha Tamil OTT platform. 

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