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Naan Sirithal Movie Review

The trend of portraying the lead characters with some sort of disorder continues in Tamil cinema with Naan Sirithal being the latest to join that list. It seems like our film makers have completely devoted themselves to some sort of unannounced mission of enlightening us about all the weirdly possible disorders that a human being could suffer from. Of late every weekend when we walk out of the theaters we have gathered knowledge (irrespective of right or wrong) about at least one new weird disorder in the medical field. In Naan Sirithal we are introduced to the term Pseudobulbar disorder, a disorder which makes the patient laugh when they experience high emotions. Debutant film maker Raana debuts in Kollywood by turning his short film Kekka Bekka Kekka Bekka in to a feature film. Actor Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi is back on screens after his romantic sports comedy flick Natpe Thunai.

Naan Sirithaal - Hiphop Tamizha & Iswarya Menon

Gandhi (Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi) is an easygoing youngster whose life revolves around his friends and family. As justifying to his name he is a believer of nonviolence and does what he could to people who are in need. He has a peculiar disorder named Pseudobulbar, which makes him laugh at the most weirdest situations of life. He works in an IT company where he falls in love with the human resource manager Ankitha (Iswarya Menon). Gandhi’s life goes smoothly even with his disorder. But when he gets in to rough patch with his boss, he is bestowed with an ultimatum to clear all his arrear papers failing which he would be fired from the job. Without having any other choice, Gandhi decides to work on clearing his papers. But unfortunately he could not pass his exams as a result of which he loses his job and his girl friend as well.

In the meanwhile, there is a gang war between two funny hoodlums Dilli (K. S. Ravi Kumar) and Sakkarai (Ravi Marya) in the city after Dilli bumps off their head. Dilli disdains Sakkarai which does not go well with the latter. So he decides to take down Dilli and hangs around for the right time to do it. Opportunity knocks at the door when he learns that Dilli has planned to celebrate his birthday party. Sakkarai sends two of his men to Dilli’s birthday party to execute him.

Meanwhile we have Gandhi looking out for his childhood bestie who also goes by the name Dilli (Yogi Babu). In a confusing scenario, Gandhi gets in to the vehicle which is supposed to be taken by the henchmen sent by Sakkarai and viscera. The vehicle takes him to Dilli’s birthday party who is well informed about the planned attack and waits for the cab. When the vehicle arrives at Dilli’s birthday party he takes Gandhi as the man who has come to take him off. He gets ready to shoot Gandhi. But his peculiar disorder kicks in and he begins to laugh at Dilli which really pisses him off. Now, Gandhi has to deal with Dilli, get back with his girl friend, get reinstated at his job, and find his friend Dilli. Will Gandhi manage to accomplish all this, is what makes the rest of the flick.

Director Raana has crafted the flick in more sort of a black comedy tone on an interesting premise by making his lead character laugh at the most serious moments of life. The idea on which he opted to build the entire story is indeed fascinating but while doing that he has failed to build a strong content to make the entertainer engaging. Instead has gone with the trend of stuffing up the entertainer with many contemporary social and family issues happening in the state. Also, his writing is feeble which keeps the flick moving aimless for a predominate portion. It is the fine casting that has made Naan Sirithal a bearable entertainer to an extent.

Actor Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi seems to be in a repetitive role of what we saw off the actor in his past flicks and looks to have got cornered in to the friendship zone. The sooner the actor gets out of that zone the good it is for the actor. Actress Iswarya Menon looks pretty but seems helpless on screen with her performance. K. S. Ravi Kumar takes off from where he left in Comali but his character is half baked and is not convincing enough in this flick. Comedian Ravi Marya shines as usual while Badava Gopi scores well in a role with very restricted screen time. The rest of the cast has delivered adequate performance.

On the technical front, musician Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi, who usual scores well in the musical department of the films in which he stars has taken a slide even in his own strong zone. Cinematographer Vanchinathan has delivered what is required for the entertainer while his work is enhanced by editor Sreejith Sarang.

On the whole, though we get a good share of laugh evoking scenes Naan Sirithal fails to pass off as a complete entertainer.

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