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Why Kabali has many benefits?

Presently DMDK Women’s welfare leader Premalatha has questioned as why Rajini’s ‘Kabali’ movie has given so much of comforts than the other movie in the film industry. She has asked why such benefits are given for a movie with violence as major part.

Kabali was released on July 22nd and the movie was given ‘U’ certificate by the CBFC. The state government has also given tax benefits for the movie. She has told that whether the movie is good or bad, why this movie alone is given so many benefits. She has told that overnight all the websites and even though the movie has violence and action scenes, why the Censor Board has given ‘U’ certificate.

Meanwhile the state government has also given tax benefits and the news has created question in the minds of many people.She has told that when all the movies have all these benefits the film industry will flourish and all the people in the industry will have a tension free life.

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