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Thalapathy 69: Will Vetrimaran Bid Adieu To Thalapathy Vijay?

Like always, Thalapathy Vijay has been the breaking news for two weeks. From his political entry update to his selfies with the fans, he dominates all media forms. Thalapathy 69, which is said to be the actor turned politician’s final flick, is now rumored to be directed by the fan’s favorite “Vetrimaran.”

Previously, film analysts said Thalapthy 69 would be directed either by “Atlee” or “Karthick Subburaj.” But Vetrimaran gets added to this elite list to delight the fans more.

DVV Entertainment bankrolls Thalapathy 69. The film’s genre is probably political and may boost Thalapathy Vijay’s political journey.

Another interesting piece of news is that only some industry experts believe Lokesh Kanagaraj will direct his final movie. Thalapathy Vijay’s “LEO” should have a sequel, as it ended with Kamal’s phone call to LEO. Since Thalapathy Vijay is a part of “Lokesh Cinematic Universe,” Thalapathy 69 may also be directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj.

Since the star is eyeing the 2026 TN assembly elections, fans and movieholics are worried about his future projects as he mentioned, “ After completing my one another project, I will plunge into the political world completely.”

A single tweet from his handle confused his fans across the globe regarding his film career, and fans from other states are now expressing their disappointment due to his “Goodbye” to his well-constructed Kollywood throne.

However, we can expect official news at any time regarding Thalapathy 69. Among these four directors (Atlee, Karthick Subburaj, veterinarian, and Lokesh), fans expect his Thalapathy to be directed either by Vetri Maran or Karthick Subburaj, as these two have yet to direct him.


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