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Vijay walked out of dubbing theatre!

Actor Vijay is right now taking more pains in order to satisfy his fans. He completely listens to the entire script before taking the decision. In such a way, he worked for Theri. The movie has shaped more than expectations and Vijay was quite happy with the outcome.

Right now Vijay is showing more interest in post production work too. The actor sits in the editing room and he watches out for the editing work and he also provides some inputs to Ruben. His experience matters a lot while editing lots of scenes.

As we all knew, Vijay essays three different roles such as Kuruvilla, VijayKumar and Dharmeswar. Each character is different from another and Vijay has decided to use three different modulations. But recently he faced some throat problems and he stopped the dubbing process and walked out of the theatre. He is expected to complete the portions by this weekend.

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