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Ka Pae Ranasingam Movie Review

Nearly for more than a decade, Tamil cinema is flooded by films with forced social message. For some reasons our film makers believe that a message is a must in entertainers even if the message is in no way relevant to its plot. But once in a while there comes a completely dedicated social drama which leaves an everlasting effect in us. Ka Pae Ranasingam is one such film. Throughout its running time of 2 hour 57 minutes the film sharply pinpoints the sloppiness and lack of empathy in those who hold responsible positions in the system. Director Virumaandi has opted to neglect the most important factor that most Tamil film makers have in account while penning down a film, the commercial elements. But has the story teller succeeded in his attempt? To know that let us get in to the review.

Ka Pae Ranasingam - Aishwarya Rajesh, Vijay Sethupathi

Ka Pae Ranasingam – Aishwarya Rajesh, Vijay Sethupathi

Ka Pae Ranasingam follows the life of Ariyanachi (Aishwarya Rajesh), a young wife from a small village in Ramanathapuram. The film opens with an ear piercing (Kathu Kuthu) ceremony and Ariyanachi is informed that her husband Ranasingam who had been to Dubai to improve his family’s financial condition has been killed in an accident. Dejected Ariyanachi, recounts her past life with her demised husband. Cut to flashback, we are introduced to Ranasingam (Vijay Sethupathi), a ground water expert and a social activist who acts as an organizer in bringing the villagers together to fight the village’s long fought battle of securing drinking water for them. Soon he falls in love with Ariyanachi and the couple gets married.

As time goes by, Ariyanachi does not want Ranasingam to put the good of the villagers before the family. Ranasingam also realizes the resistance mentality of his village men has faded away. So he decides to leave his hometown. Through the assistance of an agent he goes to Dubai for work. Cut to the present day, Ariyanachi is asked to prove that she is the wife of Ranasingam in order to initiate the formalities to bring his body home. She is made to go from one government office to another, even months pass by but that does not shatter her determination to bring back the remains of her beloved husband. Does she succeed in her attempt is what makes the rest of the flick.

Story teller Virumaandi has crafted a social drama that does not care for any commercial elements. His intent seems to be entirely focused on weaving a plot that portrays how insensitive attitude and irresponsible behavior of the government officials makes life difficult for common people who are dependent on the government. He does this to an extent where the hopes of common folks to survive in the system are sucked out to the very last tad and leaves us with catapulting an empathy arrow in our hearts. By the end of the drama you remember the ‘based on true events’ displayed in the title card which drives the catapulted empathy arrow even further in to our hearts.

The dialogues are razor sharp and are directed to the necks of the reckless people in the system that doesn’t take their responsibility seriously. The scene where Ariyanachi witness the cadaver of actress Sri Devi being brought back from Dubai to India in no time with the assistance of the government is a hard hitting statement on how the system functions. However, though the intent here is good one could not help but feel that the movie seem like a collection of events that took place in the country for over a year. Despite the director’s effect to place the events in an effective chronological order, it wearies out after a point.

Aishwarya Rajesh’s pick of films has always been very interesting and Ka Pae Ranasingam only adds merits to her adeptness in movie choices. Aishwarya Rajesh seems to be fitting in the role of a dejected and determined young widow. Carrying an entire flick on her shoulder is not something new for actress Aishwarya Rajesh, with Ka Pae Ranasingam she only proves that she is getting better at it. Actor Vijay Sethupathi makes his presence felt with his charm and his ability to carry a character with ease. Despite limited screen time he shines in his role as a social activist. Actress Bhavani Sree has done a decent job and does justice to her role.

On the technical front, musician Ghibran is clearly not at his best but makes up for it with his background score. Cinematographer N. K. Ekambaram has done a decent job in covering the drama which is further enhanced by editor T. Sivanadeeswaran.

On the whole, despite good intentions the drama turns in to melodramatic at many points and requires a lot of patience to sit through the entire entertainer and the glitch in the streaming platform doesn’t make it good either.

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