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Ghajinikanth Movie Review

Santosh P Jayakumar’s previous two outings are pure Adult comedies, ‘Hara Hara Mahadevaki’ and ‘Iruttu Arayil Murattu Kuthu’. Now, he is back with the remake of a Telugu blockbuster, ‘Bhale Bhale Magadivoy’ and he attempts a comedy for the common people.

But this movie exposed his shortcomings as a director and his last two success is only due to the adult content and nothing with comedy. The movie begins with Rajinikanth (Arya) born in a theater screening Dharmathin Thalaivan and just like Rajini’s character in the movie he also has forgetful nature.

Ghajinikanth Review - Arya and Sayesha Saigal

Just like Rajini in the same, Arya also forgets to wear his pants. His memory loss condition is always embarrassing to his parents Naren and Uma Padmanaban. His parents struggle to find a girl and one girl’s father Sathyamoorthy (Sampath) even insults them.

But as per unwritten rule, Rajini falls in love with his daughter Vandhana (Sayyeshaa). She is unaware of his memory loss and continues to love him. At the same time, Ajay who is a cop also tries to marry Vandhana and he tries to expose him. The movie offers a greater scope for comedy but the director fails to use it totally.

Arya is a total miscast. Nani in Telugu does it flawlessly. The chemistry between Sayyesha and Arya is Zero and Sayyeshaa has serious lip sync issues. A baby-naming ceremony scene is quite hilarious and that worked well. But most of the time, the comedy is mistimed and it is a big miss.

Editing could have been crisp and songs are always speed breakers. Heroine’s character is totally annoying as we can expect it is a template for Shiva’s ‘Tamizh Padam 3’. The production values are good, but everything ends in vain. The cinematography captures the colorful stuff and frames. The movie has lots of issues and one among them is the screenplay pacing issue.

All said this movie is instantly forgettable just like the lead character!

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