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Iravin Nizhal Movie Review

In an industry that has an indestructible inclination towards conventional plots. R. Parthiban has always been known as the one to try unorthodox storylines throughout his career. But for the past decade or so, director R. Parthiban has sharpened his desire for experiments. His experimental journey began to deepen with the Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam and followed by Koditta Idangalai Nirappuga, and Oththa Seruppu Size 7. The latest work of his to make into that list is Iravin Nizhal. The film is about a criminal who is on the run, while at it he has a retrospective view of his life. Actor R Parthiban who was last seen in a supporting role in the web drama Suzhal: The Vortex is back on screens with the lead role in his experimental crime drama Iravin Nizhal. Actress Varalaxmi Sarathkumar has essayed the female lead part. Writer L Santhosh Natarajan has penned the script. So, how has the experimental crime drama Iravin Nizhal come out? Will the experiment turn out to be a success and add another feather to director R Parthiban’s experimental hat? To know that let us get into the movie review. 

Iravin Nizhal Movie Poster

Iravin Nizhal Movie Poster

The movie follows the life of Nandu (R Parthiban), a nobody who goes on to build his own empire as a film financier. Iravin Nizhal opens with the cops on the move to nab Nandu. Learning beforehand of this, he flees and goes to the ashram of a sham godman named Paramaanandha (Robo Shankar). Sitting in his shabby ashram Nandu starts to revisit his life from his birth. Cut to the flashback, we see that Nandu is born from an adulterous affair between his mother and their landlord. When his father finds out about it, he slaughters her. He grows up on his own with whatever assistance he gets from his neighbors. Soon he elopes from there. He falls in the hands of a cop that sexually assaults him. Seeing his plight, a trans woman takes him under her wings and exploits him by making him sell marijuana. He starts dealing drugs and life goes on. He falls in love with a girl Lakshmi (Sneha Kumar), who reciprocates his feelings. 

Nandu becomes devastated when she cheats on him with a fellow who is more financially comfortable than him. They go different paths. He then meets Chilakkamma (Brigida Saga). They both fall in love and get married. He is introduced to hawala business by a trader. Things get chaotic when the government smells of his activities. He is thrown out of the hawala business which propels him into a debt trap. The Shylocks who lent him money demand their money back, and humiliate his family. Embarrassed by the events, his wife commits suicide. In a state of despair, Nandu seeks shelter in an ashram run by Paramaanandha. There he meets Prema Kumari (Varalaxmi Sarathkumar) who is concocting a plan to swindle the ill begotten wealth of Paramaanandha. When Nandu learns about her plan he wants in. Will Prema Kumari team up with Nandu, how did Nandu once again fall in the police radar, and what will happen to him, is what makes the rest of the movie. 

R Parthiban’s experimental drama Iravin Nizhal plays a high-risk game and puts all its balls in the craft basket. In fact, to help us understand how much work has gone into making the film, a short behind the scenes video bit is played to us. Undeniably, a lot of hard work has been put in by the entire team to cook it in the form of a single shot film. But the question here is, does this type of a story need or perhaps suitable to be captured in a single shot format. Director R Parthiban’s argument was that that was his experiment – to see if it was possible. To his credit, he has managed to get it done. But the cost of exhausting his energy in the making has made him turn a blind eye to the script of the flick. 

Most dramas in Tamil cinema fall short of being a solid entertainer due to the absence of a proper writer. But despite having a professional writer on board, Iravin Nizhal seems like a flick with just a minuscule effort in its scripting. If director R Parthiban’s has put in a little of his intent to deliver something fresh to the audience in terms of craft into building the story of his film, Iravin Nizhal could have been a much better drama. 

Actor R Parthiban is solid as Nandu. He has got under the skin of the character and has brought it to life. Even actors Anandha Krishnan and Chandru are effective as the character’s younger versions. Actress Varalaxmi Sarathkumar has bagged a meaty role. She does complete justice to her part. Actress Sai Priyanka Ruth makes her presence felt even in a short screen time. Actress Sneha Kumar has pulled off her role effortlessly. Actress Brigida Saga lives up to her purpose for why she was roped in. It is refreshing to see actor Robo Shankar in such a role. He has done his part well. Actress Rekha Nair is audacious with her performance. The rest of the cast has delivered what was asked of them. 

On the technical front, music director A R Rahman’s tracks are dearth of his magic. But he makes up for it with his intense background score that blends finely with the dark mood of the film. Cinematographer Arthur A Wilson has put in a lot of hard work covering the drama. He has shouldered the camera from the right angles. Director and actor R. Parthiban himself has handled the editing department, and that is evidently visible on the screens. 

On the whole, director R. Parthiban’s experiment with actor R. Parthiban in the lead is encouraging, but did it bear the expected fruit? Not many would agree.  

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