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Bigg Boss Was a Learning Experience for Arav

In a recent interview Bigg Boss Season 1 winner, Arav, opens up about his feelings and the sense of excitement on winning the first installment of the popular Tamil show.

Bigg Boss Was a Learning Experience for Arav

“I cannot even begin to explain the experience I had inside the house. It has been amazing. When we entered, it was just an empty house — with no emotions. But once the contestants came in, the house saw all kinds of emotions like anger, pain, love, affection, jealously, etc. I had never watched the show in Hindi or any other language for that matter and was not at all prepared. I had no strategy, I just knew I had to be myself and play the game, that’s about it. A lot of people were acting inside the house to get votes, but I didn’t want to do that. I never wanted to cheat people just to get votes.

There were times when I wanted to break down because the aim of the game is to test your patience and see how you succumb to pressure. If you can manage that, you can scrape through. The last few weeks were very terrible. The tasks were getting difficult. We were mentally and physically drained. To have been able to cross all this has been a great learning experience for me.”

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