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Anurag Kashyap’s visit to Chennai

Bollywood film industry’s famous Hindi film director Anurag Kashyap was in Chennai recently and he had many things to say about Tamil cinema. When he was talking about Tamil cinema chances at International Film festivals, has told that if producers are sending their movies to festivals, definitely many Tamil movies will travel to many places.

Anurag has told that if Subramaniapuram movie was sent to film festival, it would have been watched by many, but the producers are not sending their movies. He has also tried to send Bala’s movie once, but the director was not interested in it.

Meanwhile Vetri’s ‘Visaranai‘ was also planned to send to film festival, but the producer was not at all ready for it. He has also told that the problem in Tamil cinema is not the films, but it is the attitude that keeps a full stop to everything.

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