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Ashvamithra Movie Review

Tamil cinema is saturated by formulaic film making. One single plotline, so many films. Though it is not a healthy way to make arts, there is a good about it. It singles out a film that is even slightly different from the conventional plotline. And not often we get such films in Tamil cinema. But of late, the trend has shifted a bit and the future seem bright. There has been a growing interest, particularly among young filmmakers to ink scripts that explore life and human connections. Ashvamithra is made by one such film maker. Actor Harish Uthaman who is known for his menacing antagonist roles plays a child therapist in the drama. So, what does Ashvamithra has in stores for us? To know that let us get in to the movie review.

Ashvamithra Movie Poster

Ashvamithra Movie Poster

The drama follows the small world of two individuals in the healing process. Mithra (Tareetha ET) is a little girl who resides with her mother. They have recently undergone a tragic loss. The demise of Mithra’s father. Ever since the tragic incident Mithra refuse to share a word with anyone and spends most of the time with herself. Mithra’s mother is worried about her daughter’s behavior. She seeks the help of a child therapist, Arun (Harish Uthaman). Arun has a traumatic past of himself, and he is still in the process of healing his wounds. In fact, it is why he has chosen to be a child therapist in the first place. Arun grows under an abusive father. His childhood trauma has bound him in the form of stammering. For this reason, Arun avoids conversation with adults until it becomes absolutely necessary to have them. But it is not the case when he is with children. With children he does not worry about stammering and he is just comfortable being himself.

Arun begins to visit Mithra regularly at her home. At first, she refuses to accept him in to her world. But when she learns about his stammering issue, she gradually connects with him. They begin to heal each other. Arun does not bring his adult side to this flourishing bond with Mithra, rather he brings out his wounded inner child. There is a place where he shows his vulnerability and recites “being with Mithra gives me peace.” Even an empty heart would turn empathetic at that moment. Will Arun find out what has happened to Mithra, and get her to open up to people again, is what makes the rest of the flick.

In an industry where the mass element is the unique selling point, film like Ashvamithra is a rebel. When was the last time we had a film that was full of life, positivity, and spoke about a lovely human connection in k-town? It is hard to recall, right? Story teller Earthling Koushalya has filled that gap with her film Ashvamithra. Director Earthling Koushalya has worked her script as an ode to a sprouting friendship between a man and a child. Her film lays stress on the need for an understanding heart as a moral support, especially when a person, man or a child, is processing his/her trauma. She effortlessly manages to convey this without being preachy. Ashvamithra could easily become one of the best dramas made on human connections in Kollywood.

Depicting a relationship between an adult and a kid is a challenging task. But the manner in which the age factor is negated smoothly and authentically is a big scoring point of the drama. What is so appealing about Ashvamithra is, the whole drama unfolds within three or four locations yet we do not feel tired of them. Something new about the characters are revealed at regular intervals maintain the flow without being stuck stagnant. It reflects how well director Earthling Koushalya has handled her script. One more thing is how the voiceovers are deployed minimally. The show than tell approach has elevated the soothing and tranquil mood of the flick. The portions where Mithra and Arun spend their time drawing in silence are well shot. The only downside people might find in the drama is the pace at which the film moves. But for a film like Ashvamithra, it is the key element that makes them enjoyable.

Actor Harish Uthaman shred the negative shade imposed on him and essayed a supporting role in Thaani Oruvan. In Ashvamithra he steps up his game and shows what kind of performer he can be. It is refreshing to see him as Arun. Child artist Tareetha ET steals the show with her performance. Her ability to emote is astounding. Director Earthling Koushalya deserves credit for bring out the best in her artists. The supporting cast has also delivered an impressive performance.

On the technical front, music directors Sri Vijay and Sagishna’s music adds value to the film. Their tune emphasizes the soothing and feel-good tone of the drama. Cinematographer Maverick Dass has covered the entertainer in the best ways possible.

On the whole, if you happen to be someone who enjoy different cinematic experiences Ashvamithra might be your cup of tea.

Ashvamithra was released on Neestream OTT platform.

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