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Arjun demands the removal of FIR!

Action King Arjun had been a part of the #MeToo campaign as actress Sruthi Hariharan who had paired with him in his milestone 150th movie Nibunan/ Vismaya had accused him of sexual misconduct during the shooting of the movie in 2016, and following this, she had filed a police complaint against him in Cubben park police station .

Following this an FIR was filed against him, and cases were filed in 4 sections of IPC, When this case came for hearing, Arjun’s advocate argued that these cases were filed without any pieces of evidence just with the intention of tarnishing Arjun’s image, and hence this has given huge mental worries to Arjun and his family members.

Arjun Sruthi Hariharan

He demanded that the FIR against Arjun must be removed. Hearing the argument and the demand of the advocate of Arjun, the judge had postponed the judgment and the next hearing to November 21.

At the same time, Arjun is working on his other projects on a parallel note. As nothing has been proved, no stern action has been taken from the Tamil Nadu Producer’s Council side.

Regarding this, Director Arun Vaidyanathan also has extended his wholehearted support to the Action King. Watch out this space for more updates.

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