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Anandham Vilayadum Veedu Movie Review

Space for rural drama with large families still exist in Tamil cinema. From time-to-time film makers move in to cash in on the genre. The latest to arrive to that point is story teller Nandha Periyasamy. The movie is about the complexities inside a large family and how they come together when they are threatened by an external factor. Actor Gautham Karthik who was last seen on Devarattam is back on screens with his rural family drama Anandham Vilayadum Veedu. Director Cheran has returned to acting with a vital role in the film after a long time. So, how has the rural entertainer come out? Is it solid enough to catapult actor Gautham Karthik as a bankable lead hero? To know that let us get in to the movie review.

Anandham Vilayadum Veedu Movie Poster

Anandham Vilayadum Veedu Movie Poster

Anandham Vilayadum Veedu revolves around the events that take place within a family. Pariya Aambalai (Joe Malloori) as justifying to his name is married to two women. Together they have more than half a dozen of children who now have a family of their own which easily makes them one of the biggest families of Tamil cinema. The two elder brothers Kasiappan (Saravanan) and Muthu Pandi (Cheran) of different mothers do their best to hold the family together. Like every family they seem to get along on the outside. But on the inside, there are huge indifferences and bad blood. When Muthu Pandi comes forward to give his land to Kasiappan, grudge begins to brew among the members of the family. In order to keep the family together Kasiappan and Muthu Pandi decide to build a large house that could house the entire family.

The harmony of the family bothers Karuppan, a local bigshot and the former employer of Muthu Pandi. He is envious of Muthu Pandi’s growth in business and is waiting for the right time to pull his leg and destroy his business. He concocts a cunning plan to draw out the younger siblings of the family Selvam (Soundararaja) and (Nakkalites Chella) and turns them against their brothers. When the family seem to fall apart, Sakthi Vel (Gautham Karthik), the elder son of Kasiappan take it up on himself to keep the family together. He decides to take on Karuppan. Will he turn successful in his fight against Karuppan, will he manage to hold the family together is what makes the rest of the flick.

Generally, when it comes to building a large family, story tellers of Tamil cinema resort to having children of a couple and their partners forming a large family. Apparently, the size of such a family is not enough for film maker Nandha Periyasamy. So, he gets another wife to the head of the family to make it even bigger. To the extent that they could make their own battalion in an army. A battalion spearheaded by major Kasiappan and lieutenant colonel Muthu Pandi. Anandham Vilayadum Veedu is what happens when the major and lieutenant colonel is pit against each other. When the film opens, we are taken in to the world of Pandavar Bhoomi, every member of the family appears to be wanting the best for every other member of the family. To move the film further film maker Nandha Periyasamy infuses conflict in to the family. Suddenly Pandavar Bhoomi turns in to Mayandi Kudumbathar. The resentments and envy show up.

The problem with Anandham Vilayadum Veedu is that it never hooks us in to its world at any point and we are mere strangers to whatever transpires on screen. There is a pattern in which the film is built. It travels in emotional blocks. First the happy portions, followed by rift in the family, then it gets melodramatic in a problematic way, and arrives to the happy ending block finally. Story teller Nandha Periyasamy seem to be a big fan of joint family (Koottu Kudumbam) and the point here is to send a message in support of it. And so, we have dialogues like, “Soththu batha sethu vekkadha sondha bandhatha sethu vai.” Director Nandha Periyasamy wants his drama to be in the lines of Vaanathai Pola, Pandavar Bhoomi, Aanandham. But unlike these dramas, Anandham Vilayadum Veedu do not connect with us emotionally because of its cliched template writing.

Actor Gautham Karthik picks up from where he left in Devarattam. He is loud and beefy. But struggles in the emotive portions. It is surprising that actor Gautham Karthik’s role just come across as a second hero while actor Cheran runs the show. It is good to see actor Cheran back on screen but unfortunately the same cannot be said for his performance. He overperforms for the most parts. Oh yes, we do have a heroine filler role, and actress Shivathmika plays it. Actor Saravanan does what he does well in his trademark role. Actor Daniel Balaji is effective as usual in the typical antagonist role of Tamil cinema. The rest of the cast has delivered what was asked of them.

On the technical front, both songs as well as the background score of musician Siddhu Kumar disappoint. Cinematographer Borra Bhalabharani’s camera work is middling. Editor N. B. Srikanth’s scissor work should have been a lot shaper.

On the whole, Anandham Vilayadum Veedu is a typical rural drama of Tamil cinema that has nothing new to offer to its audience.

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