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96 Movie Review

96 Movie Review

96 Movie Summary

96 is a romantic movie starring Vijay Sethupathi & Trisha. The movie is not for everyone. Emotionally deep, the film is captured beautifully. The lead actors have done a perfect job. Technically rich, the film needs a bit of patience as in some sequences it can get very slow.

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96‘ is like a romantic novel which you read during a long journey and you are unable to sleep before completing the whole book. These days we have seen so many love stories based on lust and perkiness, but here’s a love story which is a pure delight based on love and emotions alone.

As we said earlier, this movie is about the love story of two childhood hearts who were unable to confess their love and they meet during a reunion and how love unfolds later. The mild background score makes us smile, laugh, cry with hopes of turning to the final pages of the book.

96 Movie - Vijay Sethupathi & Trisha

We even get fear and doubt that what is going to be their fate at the end. The emotional depth in the movie is too high. The moments are captured visually and poetically in an aesthetic manner by filmmaker Prem Kumar. He just shows the reflection of the audience who watches the movie.

But still, the movie is not everyone’s cup of tea and it may not live u-pto the hype. The casting is perfect. Trisha and Vijay Sethupathi literally lived up-to the characters and the rest of the cast are also perfect. Technically, the movie is rich and things just can’t get better.

We don’t want to reveal more as it might turn a spoiler. Govind Vasantha’s music is the backbone of the movie. Gouri who plays the younger version of Trisha deserves a special mention as she is the one who gave more life.

This movie is just too deep and we can speak a lot. But at the same time, on the flip side, the movie has several pacing issues as one should watch with loads of patience. All said this is a pure love story which is definitely a path-breaking movie for the moment!

Overall, an unforgettable romantic experience!

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