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Thiruvin Kural Movie Review

Actor Arulnithi has never ceased to impress the audience with his inclination for experimentation in the thriller genre. He is out with yet another thriller drama in Thiruvin Kural. The movie is about a family that is in distress because of their ill father and their struggle at the hands of immoral malicious non clinical staff of the hospital. Actor Arulnithi who was last seen in the supernatural mystery thriller flick Dairy is back on screens with his psychological action thriller drama Thiruvin Kural. Actress Aathmika has played the female lead role in the movie. Film maker Harish Prabhu has penned and helmed the flick. So, how has the psychological action thriller drama Thiruvin Kural come out? Will it help reinforce actor Arulnithi’s reputation for picking quality entertainers, and be a memorable venture in the career of director Harish Prabhu? To know that let us get into the movie review. 

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The film revolves around Marimuthu (Bharathiraja), a building contractor who has a speech and hearing-impaired son Thiru, a civil engineer, a daughter Chithra (Subatra Robert), and a granddaughter Sharmi (Monekha Siva). Thiru is a straightforward belligerent man who aids his father in his work. He is about to get married to Bhavani (Aathmika). Everything moves smoothly for the family until one day a bag of cement accidentally falls on Marimuthu. He is taken to a government hospital. Thiru along with his family members rush to the hospital. The family members advise him to stay calm and not to start any fight as they are here to treat their father. Thiru is irked by the pervasive behavior of the hospital’s liftman Aarumugam (Ashraf). But he controls himself. Apparently, a grapple flares up between them when they cross paths in a coffee shop. Thiru ends up breaking Aarumugam’s teeth in the scuffle. An incensed Aarumugam seeks vengeance. 

Aarumugam colludes with his colleagues Santhan (Mahendran), a mortuary worker, Vinoth (Harish Somasundaram), a security guard, and Suresh (A R Jeeva), a ward attendant to loot and murder people by night. In one instance, Thiru ruins a robbery plan of Aarumugam and his friends. Further aggravated by the episode, Aarumugam intimidates doctor Venugopal (Pavan Arjun), and instructs him to inject a drug to Marimuthu which the doctor does. Shortly after which Marimuthu becomes serious. Using his influence with the staff in the hospital, Aarumugam sadistically torments Thiru by making him run from pillar to post. Meanwhile, his niece Sharmi goes missing. Will Thiru be able to free his family from the clutches of these evil men is what makes the rest of the flick. 

Thiruvin Kural has an interesting and solid outline to build a gruesome crime thriller. A family which is at the mercy of a few unscrupulous staff in a hospital. Even while watching what unfolds on screen, one cannot help but simultaneously ponder how defenseless we would be at the most vulnerable moment of our life, if we were to be manipulated by a set of devious hospital staff. Story teller Harish Prabhu deserves credit for shaping such despicable antagonists whose very presence sends chills down our spine. But his writing is too weak to exploit these characters to give us an entertaining crime thriller experience. Instead of building up on the strength of the film, he resorts to stereotypical tropes to weave the proceedings. 

What makes Thiruvin Kural a testing experience is, director Harish Prabhu builds up momentum and takes us to an edgy point, as we anxiously wait as to what is going to happen. Nothing really happens, and the lead character conveniently arrives and saves the day. Sample this, at one point one of the antagonists threatens to kill Thiru’s niece to see him suffer. He has her under his control. Perplexingly, he pushes her into a tank and leaves her alive. So that our hero can come save her. In some ways, Thiruvin Kural calls to memory of Karthi’s Naan Mahaan Alla where the hero will be caught amidst a bunch of degenerates. But there the interesting idea was done justice by proper writing. Something Thiruvin Kural is dearth of. 

Actor Arulnithi has shouldered his part quite well. But it is the ditto countenance and body language of the star that we are so acquainted with that arouse a sense of banality. Also, he does struggle a bit in emotive scenes. Veteran actor Bharathiraja has delivered an exceptional performance as usual. Actress Aathmika’s character seems like a heroine filler role. It does not have any bearing in the plot. In fact, she disappears for most parts. The actress does her part well though. Actress Subatra Robert’s role has scope but has not been fleshed out to its potential. Nonetheless, the actress has done complete justice to her part. Actor Ashraf is unnerving and elevates his part to a different level. Actor A R Jeeva is inconsistent with his performance. Actor Harish Somasundaram makes his presence felt even in what appears to be a slightly underwritten role. Actor Mahendran lives up to the purpose for why he was roped in. Actor Vinayagaraj is functional. Actress Monekha Siva is adequate. Actor Mahalakshmi is operational. Actors Subaitha, Pavan Arjun, and Mullaiarasi have all delivered a decent performance. 

On the technical front, music director Sam C S’s songs are not inspiring. But his background score is in harmony with the tense and melodramatic tone of the drama. Cinematographer Sinto Poduthas has done a decent job covering the movie. His camera positioning and color quality add value to the film. Editor Ganesh Siva to his part has put his scissors to good work, and has tried his best to weed out the flaws in the work of his colleague. 

On the whole, actor Arulnithi’s Thiruvin Kural had a solid premise to be a menacing crime thriller but is bogged down by bad writing. 

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