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Old style of Love is great: Shruti Hassan

Actress Shruthi Hassan has given an interview and in it she has stated the following. She has said in today’s world lovers are in contact everytime because of Watsapp and Facebook. But in those days when technology hasn’t developed lovers had a big task in meeting their dear ones. Kamal has said that in those days lovers never had a chance to meet on a regular basis.

Shruti Haasan

Seeing their facial expressions is not a common one to see and the feeling was immense. Many love stories have been formed after seeing the struggles faced by those days lovers. Later the love moved to landline phone. A lover used to wait for her lover’s phonecall.

Both the boy and girl will be eagerly waiting for the phone bell to ring and that state of mind was unforgettable for many. Presently watsapp lovers have missed those days life to a greater extent. Shruthi Hassan likes those days type of loving more than the present.

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