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Kollywood extravaganza in Summer

Right now, the temperature is soaring high in Tamil Nadu due to early summer. On the other side the Kollywood film industry is going to face tough times. There is going to be IPL, Elections and other barricades for the success of the movie. IPL 9th edition already started and it has attracted more viewers.

One side many new films will be released, on the other side the assembly elections are upcoming and the IPL matches will also dominate. This will trouble even biggies like ‘Theri‘ and ‘24‘. Rajini’s ‘Kabali‘ is clearly postponed and it will be a July release.

Due to the assembly elections, the theatre owners also face trouble. They have no place to stick their movie posters on the walls. All these factors will become a big issue and the Kollywood is having more worries. Apart from this, Government has issued warning not to increase the ticket prices too.

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