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Veteran comedian Vadivelu lashes out at director Chimbu Devan

Imsai Arasan 23 aam Pulikecei which hit the screens in the year 2006 under the directorial of film maker Chimbu Devan is a historical comedy fantasy film that no Tamil audience can put out of their mind. It was one of the most triumphant flicks in the illustrious career of comedian Vadivelu. If the reports were to be believed it was the last flick that genuinely crossed 150 days in theaters across the state. The craze for the film is so lit that even if it is aired in a television channel today, it records a high number of viewers. The flick was bankrolled by director Shankar under his banner S Pictures.

When director Shankar announced that there will be a sequel for the movie titled Imsai Arasan 24 aam Pulikecei, the fans of the film were so excited about the project. But ever since the official announcement of the project there have been many predicaments, which have kept the project from proceeding further. In the middle of everything, actor Vadivelu announced that he is opting-out of the project. This announcement propelled the film in to the dead end. Efforts were made to convince the actor but the actor remained stubborn on his decision. Now he has opened up on why he made his call to quit from the project.

Imsai Arasan 24am Pulikesi First Look Poster

In a recent interview, the actor has lashed out at Chimbu Devan, “Even in the first part of the story it was me who made spot alterations and ensured that the film gets baked well. Chimbu Devan had no clue or whatsoever about his own story. When I asked him about the character variation that I should depict for the rebel character, he had no idea. How can a film maker who has no clue about the behaviors of the characters in his own script, can talk about the details in the film? In 2015 I had a lengthy story discussion session with Chimbu Devan and developed the story of Imsai Arasan 24 aam Pulikecei. He promised to wrap up the shooting of the film by the end of 2016. But he never spoke about the film further, when I asked him he blamed producer Shankar and stated that the producer suggested many changes to the script. Only then I asked him, if Shankar is making the final call about the things in your project then what is need for you to be in the project? But he went out and distorted my words saying that I requested for a change of director.”

Continuing to speak, he said, “There are few people in the industry who are plotting for my downfall and I have no idea what their demands are. Do they expect me to fall on their feet or want some percent of commission from my earnings? I have no idea,” concluded the actor. It seems like the issues between the actor and the director are deep rooted which seems very unlikely to be solved any time soon

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