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Amala Paul Issues a Statement

We have already reported on how Amala Paul got herself into troubled waters for “evading” taxes. She even took a dig at her critics through a social media post. Now, Amala has come out with a long public statement addressing the issue and presenting her part of the story. Excerpts are given below.

Amala Paul Issues a Statement

“I am in a state of shock the way an age-old daily publication, formed on nationalist principles by freedom fighters of Malabar region, is today digging such shallow ways to raise their circulations. I feel I have the right to speak against these unwanted speculations and harassment caused to, despite paying taxes of more than a crore this year alone. And especially now, even when the respective authorities have found no unlawful act on my part. I am an Indian citizen and assumed that I have every right to work and own any asset throughout our nation freely. But now this self proclaimed socio-reformist newspaper…’MOTHERLAND’…has resorted to play the divisive regionalist propaganda, by making the innocent local readers believe that their state is separate from the nation at large…I sincerely hope a day will come when our future generations, will not be Keralites, Tamilians or Punjabis or Gujaratis but be just Indians and working together…against poverty, corruption, illiteracy, injustice and not resort to lynching law abiding citizens for short-sighted gains.”

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