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Akshay Kumar reveals the secret, why he signed ‘2.O’?

The Bollywood industry’s lead actor Akshay Kumar is presently acting in director Shankar’s ‘2.0’. He is playing the negative role and he is acting with the super star Rajinikanth. The movie’s shoot is going in full swing and the director is secretly taking the movie without letting out any news about the movie.

The movie is the country’s highest budget movie and it is in the first place with the budget of around 350 crores. Director Shankar’s previous movie budget was around 250 crores. Meanwhile Akshay Kumar has told in an interview that why he is acting in this movie.

Akshay Kumar has told that he has acted in this movie along with Rajini is to get beatings from Rajini, which he considers as a mile stone in his life. He has said that he has acted as a super hero villain in this movie. It is anticipated that the movie will hit screens by 2017.

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