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Adhi is Finally Married

The Kovai Gethu Anthem is not new to anyone. Rather it is one of the most famous anthem that took the present generation by storm and swept everyone off their feet. The singer and the composer received a lot of credits for the song and the breaking new lies in the fact that the composer of the anthem, i.e. none other than Hiphop Tamizha Adhi has tied knot recently. Yes! He is not single anymore. Though there was a lot of whisper regarding his relationship and his fans have been showing much interest in both him and the new. But his wedding just happened in a hush-hush way in Chennai where only his and his wife’s family were present.

Hiphop Tamizha Adhi Wedding

When Adhi posted his picture with his wife stating that he is single no more, the picture took the social media by storm. And it was then that all his fans went mad and tried to reach him through various ways. And after quite a few hours of waiting, he finally answered all the questions and cleared the air that he is married. The composer, however, did not disclose much about his wife and kept it private for now.

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