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Shobana Is Excited As She Unveils Her Single

Dr Shobana Vignesh, best remembered for her role as the daughter of Kamal Haasan in Mahanadi, recently launched a music video from her album Vishnumaya.

Dr Shobana Vignesh

She was quite excited about the launch and said, “Vishnumaya comprises songs in various languages — a Marathi abhang, a Tamil paattu, a Sanskrit sholka and Vaishnavo Janato in Gujarati among others. I’ve read that this song featured in Gandhiji’s daily prayer rituals. Since this has a soothing effect, my team and I decided to do a video cover for it. We shot at Gandhi Mandapam; with a memorial for Gandhiji and other beautiful sculptures, it was apt. I’ve grown up in Chennai and this was the first time that I actually got to admire the aesthetically constructed mandapam.”

On facing camera almost after 24 years, she said, “Incidentally, I met Prabhu uncle a few weeks ago. He was the one who first heard me sing when I was a child and recommended my name to Kamal sir. That’s how I sang Sri Ranga Ranganathanin in the film. When I asked him if he could recommend a technician to shoot the song video, he said he would do it himself. It felt so good to work with him again after so many years.”

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