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2.0 Movie Review

Rajinikanth, last seen as Dharavi criminal Kaala, is back as researcher Vaseegaran and robot Chitti in the spin-off of his 2009 blockbuster SciFi spine chiller Endhiran, 2.0, directed by Shankar.

With the city losing their mobiles, it is credited to the wickedness of Akshay Kumar and now, specialist Vaseegaran needs to conjure Chitti who is the main choice to battle against the Birdman. Chitti is currently an amazing superhuman and he needs to crush the extremely solid Akshay Kumar and this is the premise of 2.0. The entire movie is about who will win the fight between birdman Akshay and Chitti, the clarification of fifth power and why Akshay went out of control. Genius Rajinikanth as researcher Vaseegaran and robot Chitti inspires with his differentiating style and regular non-verbal communication and mass attributes as Chitti. Bollywood activity Akshay Kumar as the villian with a staggering flashback gives a wistful interface, and his underhanded tricks are brutal. Amy Jackson as the sensuous and hot robot is provocative. Whatever is left of the cast including Sudhanshu Pandey, Adil Hussain are consummately thrown.

2.0 Movie Review - Rajinikanth and Amy Jackson

2.0 Movie – Rajinikanth and Amy Jackson

AR Rahman offers a rich foundation score, raising Chitti’s bravery and of his melodies Pullinangal and Endhira Logathu Sundariye are engaging. Cinematography by Nirav Shah doesn’t miss to catch the visual effect of the motion picture and the standoff among Chitti and Akshay are shot actually in an exceptional way. Anthony’s fresh and well sharpened sharp altering ensures 2.0 is shocking.

After the average Ai, Shankar is back with Superstar Rajnikanth to convey the continuation of his 2009 blockbuster Endhiran with 2.0. The motion picture starts on spine chilling mode with mobiles vanishing, and later depicts the characters including Amy and Akshay well and the film takes off from rise and return of Chitti, picking up energy and blessings gathering of people with one amazing mass arrangement after the other, and the second half is dazzling with the battle and Chase among Chitti and Akshay with high octane minutes. 2.0 guarantees Goosebumps in second half with the enthusiastic backstory giving great nostalgic esteem as well. With shiny visuals, awesome cinematography and melodies, and the Superstar Rajinikanth in prime shape conveying unadulterated mass stimulation, 2.0 is the ideal followup to Endhiran.

Decision: Superstar and Shankar make a logical turn in style!

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