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Walter Movie Review

Action cop dramas have always had a huge significance in Tamil cinema for a long time now. They have either aided in catapulting the image of a growing hero in to an evolved mass hero or have given a break to the lead heroes who were at their down phase of their career. Hence, it has become difficult to separate the action cop drama genre and heroes of Tamil cinema. Even actor Sibiraj who was craving for a commercial success decided to deploy this magic action cop drama formula and did Naaigal Jaakirathai which delivered its success magical spell on him as well. Now, nearly after two years the actor is back on screens after his action thriller drama Sathya, with his cop drama Walter. The actor has once again sort asylum with the cop drama to taste commercial success. But has the magic spell worked out this time? To know that let us get in to the review.

Walter - Sibiraj, Samuthirakani, Natarajan Subramaniam

Walter follows the life of Walter (Sibiraj) a tough cop with a vigilante principle who would not hesitate to finish off corrupt criminals through fake encounters.  He is posted as assistance commissioner in Kumbakonam which is controlled by a powerful politician and MLA Eshwara Moorthy (Bava Chelladurai). It is his family, daughter (Riythvika) along with her husband decide what has to be done inside the constituency. Eshwara Moorthy has a trustworthy right hand in Balu (Samuthirakani) who is seen by many as his successor. This does not incite a good reaction in Eshwara Moorthy and his family members which make them to think of a plan to get rid of Balu. Trouble arises when new born babies begin to disappear from hospitals in Eshwara Moorthy’s constituency. This puts political pressure on him and a direct order from the chief minister of the state to hand over his position to Balu citing his health conditions.

Unwilling to relinquish his power to his subordinate he decides to use his connections in the police department and turn few criminal cases on Balu against him to bump him off with the assistance of Walter. So he uses Walter’s superior to issue a fake encounter order on Balu. Completely unaware of the political game behind the order Walter sketches a perfect encounter and takes down Balu. He then gets busy with the case of new born babies getting abducted from the hospitals. He suspects foul play and hands of influential persons in the case as some of the babies that were found hours after their disappearance do not survive. While carrying on the investigation, Walter is also subjects to deal with his personal life after his woman Raji (Shirin Kanchawala) asks him to spend more time with him. When they do, they are attacked by few henchmen. Also, a mysterious character with connections to the crime walks in to the scene. Why the new borns are abducted, who is the mysterious character, in what way was he involved in the crimes, will Walter manage to bring the criminals behind the abductions to justice, is what makes the rest of the flick.

Of late, in Tamil cinema we are beginning to come across many potential scripts being diluted or wasted due to improper writing. It is high time that our directors realize the significance of a professional writer being involved in the script developing sessions. Well, to be fair Walter has its moments but it is the lack of consistent flow that damages the flick to a greater extent. The entertainer has a decent commercial script but is just another script watered down due to feeble writing. The flick takes it own time to establish itself and begins to move at its own pace. Just when the film begins to get in to a flow, comes in a lifeless love track and tasteless song placements which makes it difficult for the audience to stay engaged in the entertainer. The characterization of Sibiraj is absolutely funny as it is portrayed as an emotionless character. Not sure whether the story teller wanted to put the character as an individual who is numb in life. Whatever his intentions were it is safe to say he would not have wanted it to be funny.

With a physique such as that, if actor Sibiraj cannot fit in the cop role well who else can? Though, he finds it difficult to get in to the role of a tough and emotionless cop, he manages to survive. Actress Shirin Kanchawala is soulless in a character that is equally lifeless. Samuthirakani and Riythvika disappoints in their roles in which they seems uncomfortable. The rest of the cast has delivered what was asked of them.

On the technical front, even the technical departments of the flick do not offer anything to strengthen the flick. Musician Dharmaprakash’s music does not impress much. While cinematographer Rasamadhi’s average camera work is further made nastiest by editor Elayaraja’s editing.

On the whole, with little amendments in the plot and a professional writer on board Walter could have been a much better entertainer.

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