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When is Varalakshmi Vishaal’s wedding?

Chennai sources have stated that Varalakshmi Sarathkumar have told that her wedding will not take place now. It was stated that Sarathkumar’s daughter Varalakshmi and actor Vishaal are romancing each other for the past three years and the news is the talk of the town presently. Both were seen together in many functions together and so presently there is some issue between Vishaal and Sarathkumar.

Presently Varalakshmi is uploading her and Vishaal’s photo in the Twitter Page and many in Kollywood are asking as when is their wedding. Vishaal’s fans are anticipating his wedding dates at the earliest. Earlier Vishaal has told that he and Vishaal are childhood friends and he has told that his wedding will takes place at the Actors Association building and he has told in advance to Kollywood actor Karthi.

Meanwhile Varalakshmi has told that she will not marry now and presently her focus is to act in movies. She has told the press persons to stop writing about her and Vishaal as they don’t have the idea to marry as of now and it will be announced later.

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