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Vaalibha Raja Movie Review

Santhanam is back as a comedian after a long time in  Vaalibha Raja and they have taken the tea, of Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasayaa. However due to late release even the comedies are so outdated. Even if delay is a trouble, the screenplay should be given a tight slap. Even Santhanam who has been the reason for most success has failed to use his comic skill.

 Vaalibha Raja

Santhanam essays role of Dr.  Vaalibha Raja and he gets a patient Karthik (Sethu). He faces trouble as whether he should marry Sweety or Shalu. Shalu is the girl whom was arranged by his parents. Director Ramnath has used this to narrate a large set of events. The one liner was engaging. But the narration is neither comedic or dramatic. We never feel comic or dramatic.

Sethu also fails to prove his presence. He tries to use Vijay and Ajith’s past movies. VTV Ganesh in role of settu is just plain stupid. The comedy scenes are mostly outdated and instead of evoking laughter they just create rage on faces of everyone else.

Vishaka singh is just a glam doll who often reveals her thighs and cleavage. The second female lead is also just the same. Radhan has scored tunes and all songs are average. Nushrat Bharucha is completely stone faced and she still needs to evolve as an actress.

The movie is produced by Murali and production values are too bad for the movie. Apart from this, coming to editing, the running time of the movie is 140 minutes and that tests our patience. Most of the scenes are also predictable as they have been already used in earlier movies. Motta Rajendarn is just a filler. The movie also has lots of logic loopholes and everything is completely a barricade.

Overall, Vaaliba Raja is too old to fill in shoes of a romantic comedy!

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