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U Turn Movie Review

Samantha is an intern reporter for the Times of India and she seeks some story to get her noticed in the office. She follows a story which revolves around the offenders who disrupt the divider and take a U-Turn on the flyover in Chennai. However, as they took the U-Turn they die in some mysterious way and Samantha predicts something sinister.

When she is left with no choice, she herself takes the U-Turn to see what actually happens to the others. The movie is a good social message for all the traffic offenders. Even the small things like jumping the traffic lights, taking the wrong diversion, can cause the loss of life. Samantha in a female-centric movie has scored so well, her cutesy office romance never fits the bill though.

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When life seems sorted, she wanted to do something out of the box and she finds this mysterious case. Aadhi Pinisetty as a tough cop also finds a solution to the mystery. Well, if we spill the beans it would be not fair to this well-knit screenplay that Pawan has woven.

The movie is a must watch for the people who jump the traffic lights and never care about them. The movie is technically solid. Be it the cinematography, editing, and the brisk screenplay.

The movie ticks all the boxes on a perfect note. The background score is also too eerie and gives a dark feel at times. If you have watched the original, it doesn’t matter as Pawan has changed and tweaked the climax in the Tamil version and it’s even better. The casting is one of the biggest positives and Samantha is definitely in the mood for scoring some more boundaries even after marriage.

Overall, U-Turn is a well made gripping thriller.

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