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Trisha’s bold attitude

In the Kollywood industry actress Trisha has been in the industry for more than 13 years and she has successfully acted in 35 movies. Earlier she was playing childish heroine roles and currently she has started to play lead and highlighting roles in the industry.

Currently she has acted in ‘Nayagi‘ and she has started to perform in ‘Monika’. She has also portrayed as a politician in ‘Kodi’ along with Dhanush. She is giving importance to characteristic roles than chocolate baby roles. Earlier her mother used to accompany her wherever she moves.

Actress Trisha

But recently she is the sole decision maker and she moves anywhere without anyone’s support. She has become so bold and has more confidence on herself that she can do anything on her own. She even visits the outdoor shoot spot by herself. The career has made her very bold to face any situations.

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