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Sivaji Family Members are upset

In the Kollywood film industry actor Chevaliyar Shivaji Ganesan’s family is the senior family which had earlier asked Vijay for acting in a movie under their production. Vijay has also promised that he will work and give their project as early as possible.

The Shivaji Ganesan family members are ready to invest any lump of amount for the actor, and to make his movie is a big budget to capture hearts of Vijay’s fans. Presently the family members are waiting for the consent of the actor Vijay. But Vijay is least bothered about the issue and he is carrying on with his project.

After seeing no response from the actor Shivaji Productions team has decided not to ask Vijay and currently they have started to ask the other lead actors in the industry. It is not known why Vijay is hesitant in the issue and it is stated that the reason is open only to late actor Shivaji Ganesan. Will Vijay miss the golden opportunity or will give his consent. Keep watching for more refreshments.

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