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Relation between Trisha and Rana revealed!

We all know that Trisha and Rana are the two love birds who were in a relationship earlier. But whenever they are buzzed, the only answer which we get in return is, “We are just friends”. The relation was never revealed at any time by both of them.

Actress Trisha Krishnan

Recently Rana Daggubati attended a press meet for ‘Bangalore Naatkal’. During the press meet, media buzzed him about Trisha. This caused rage and Rana angrily said, the movie has three actresses, Samantha, Parvathy and Sri Divya. But still you ask some one who is not in the movie ? And apart from saying this he also said, if you need to ask about Trisha, ask to Arya. He is the one who is so close with her. This caused more ripples. A shocked Arya replied, “Trisha is like my sister. I just did one movie with her. That too it was long back.

She is a sister to me. But to know about the relation between Rana and Trisha, (after a short pause), you need to ask Rana alone as he alone got the answers within himself.” After such a reply the whole stage bursted out in laughter.

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