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Arav to Star in a Short Film Adaptation

Director Sameer Bharath Ram and Bigg Boss winner Arav are all set to come together for a movie that the director wrote specially for him.

“I had a couple of scripts in mind, and even had a script ready. But I watched this film and thought the short film can definitely become a full length feature because the content is very relevant to today’s world. It is an urban romance, a simple story, but the screenplay will hold the story together,” said the director.

Arav to Star in a Short Film Adaptation

When asked about Arav’s casting, he said, “I thought Arav will be good for the role. The movie will have two heroines who will have very strong characters. We are planning to start the shoot by 2018,” he says.

But why did he choose a short film? He replied, “If I have to expand, the movie is based on how relationships are today. Back then, people had lesser opportunities to meet new people and interact with them, but with the advent of technology there are so many new platforms where you can meet new people and connect with them. The movie is about how you manage a relationship, how easy it is to lose interest and how it starts affecting your current relationship.”

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