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Racer actor advices public!

Actor Jai has been constantly known for involving in traffic violations and even last year he had been a part of an accident case when he had rammed his car into a bridge and was arrested by the Chennai cops.

In such a situation, yesterday night, a speeding car which was rushing, with extremely loud noise was stopped by the cops. To their shock,it was seen that the car had actor Jai in it, and he was reportedly in the car, driving rash. The cops had advised him not to drive such cars making loud noises. However, the police did not stop there, but they had also took the next step, by making Jai himself to speak in a video advising people not to drive such loud noise emitting cars.

Actor Jai

Following this Jai had become a part of a video, where he displayed his car saying that it was his car, and he was arrested by cops after loud noise was coming from the car, besides adding that people should not drive such cars, and avoid it as it gives health impacts to other people, and made this as a request to public.

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