LKG Review

Radio Jockey turned actor actor RJ Balaji has portrayed the comedian in numerous movies like ‘Devi’, ‘Naanum Rowdy Thaan’, and ‘Thaanaa Sendha Koottam’. Now he has taken the icon of a full-fledged hero in the political flick ‘LKG’, which is directed by debutante director Prabhu. The film also features Priya Anand, politician Nanjil Sampath, and JK Ritheesh.


LKG aka Lalgudi Karuppiah Gandhi (RJ Balaji) is a ward councilor in the district of Lalgudi, and the son of an unsuccessful politician Azhagu Meiyappan (Nanjil Sampath). He dreams to achieve big in politics, unlike his dad and involves in all nefarious ways to earn the support of the public. LKG plans to take the big step in state politics, utilizing a political situation, and with the aid of poll campaign lead by Sarala (Priya Anand), gets noticed and is suggested as a candidate for by-election, but faces competition from Ramraj Pandian (JK Ritheesh). Whether LKG was unable to win the strong and powerful Ramraj Pandian and fulfilled his aspiration is what the storyline of ‘LKG’ is about.

The first half of the movie is interesting with the funny antics of LKG and also with the political references. The second half is all about how LKG plans to defeat Ramraj Pandian. Though the plans he uses sound absurd, and his sudden rise to the ultimate throne is portrayed without much importance on logic, the movie ends on a good note, with a sound message as well.

The music composed by Leon James syncs with the fun flavor of the film, and of the tracks ‘Ethanai Kaalam Thaan Aemaatruvaar’ is pretty good. Cinematography by Vidhu Ayyana is excellent, while editing by Antony Could have been crisp, as several scenes in the second half are prolonged more than required.

Debutante director Prabhu has picked a political film, focusing on the hero who dreams to become successful in politics, and with RJ Balaji portraying the lead character focuses well on his pluses. Even though his drawbacks with emotions are clear, he compensates it with his comic sense whenever there’s a chance. The first half of the film moves at a fast pace with the funny ways of LKG to make people believe him, and joining hands with the campaign team. The second half is slightly dull, with numerous plans LKG utilizes against Ramraj Pandian being insensitive. Despite the lack of logic in some places, the film culminates well, and the director gives a much-needed message. With RJ Balaji’s comic relief, the director has given an engaging political film with a sharp run time of 2 hours and 4 minutes.

On the whole, ‘LKG’ is an entertaining political film that deserves a watch.

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