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Kabali will hit screens in most of the states

It is stated that information about Kabali movie will be coming for the next month as it is the talk of the town in Kollywood industry. Currently talks are going to release the movie in Tamilnadu in more than 80% theatres. The distribution team has planned to make the movie released in many states in India.

It is also planned to hit screens at Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and many more states. The movie will be dubbed in Telugu and Hindi and will be released massively. Earlier Kabali teaser which was released in Andhra has received positive accolades.

It is also said that the movie’s teaser was also released in Hindi few days before. As per recent news the movie will be dubbed in Malay, China and Japan and the movie will be released there also. As the movie is based on Malaysian Tamil, more expectations are currently prevailing all over. The movie will be released in many theatres than Baahubali’s previous record.

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