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Kaatteri to Introduce Saikumar’s Son Aadi Saikumar

Director Deekay is making a new adventure film titled Kaatteri. “This is not a horror film, though there is a horror element in it. It is an adventure film that begins in the city and moves to a fantasy version of a village. We have all heard grandma’s stories, which will always have a mix of everything — scares, thrills and also excitement, as they will mostly be adventure stories. This is one such film,” he says.

Kaatteri Movie Poster

About the narrative, Deekay reveals that,”The film goes back and forth between the past and present, and this story takes place in the modern times and in the 1960s.”

He will also introduce actor Saikumar’s son Aadi Saikumar in Kollywood with the film. “Aadi has acted in a few Telugu films. In fact, he is doing the Telugu remake of Yaamirukka Bayamey. He is handsome and suits the role of my hero,” he says.

Actress Oviya has been selected as the female lead, but the film will have four other heroines. Deekay said that, “We are currently in the pre-production stage and it will take us two months to go on floors. We will be selecting the other female leads in the coming days.”

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