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Joker Movie Review

Joker is a Tamil language social satire movie which was written and directed by Raju Murugan, who has earlier directed ‘Cuckoo’ a romantic movie. On behalf of Dream Warrior Pictures, S.R. Prakashbabu and S.R. Prabhu have produced the movie. The movie starring Guru Somasundaram and Ramya Pandiyan have acted in supreme roles. Gayathri has also acted as second female lead in the movie. Seal Roldan has composed the music for ‘Joker’.

Chezhiyan has made the cinematography and the editing work was performed by Shanmugam Velusamy. Chelladurai, Ramasamy and Bala Murugan are doing supporting roles. This film is mainly based on the current situation of our country especially politics and the way the hero brings the truth and true nature of the spoiled politicians makes rest of the plot.

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Guru Somasundaram is the hero in ‘Joker’ and earlier he has played impressive roles in Aaranya Kaandam and Jigarthanda. The director has stated that in today’s society, people have developed a sense of humor even about issues that affect them and as a result we are watching the people who are struggling as jokers. Guru will make people laugh with his sense of humor and he asks a question to the public, where the movie ends.

Gaythri and Ramya have played the two central female characters Isai and Mallika respectively, where both these characters will have equal importance as that of Guru Somasundaram. Earlier the people who have protested were considered as jokers initially and the director has told ‘Protestors are not Jokers’. The story is taken in such a way as who is the real joker in the society.

The movie is shot at Dharmapuri and many Dharmapuri people have acted in ‘Joker’. The dialogues are powerful and a movie which has to be watched by all. The movie is about poverty and the sufferings of the poor people.

Overall, a hard-hitting message conveyed in a soft manner.

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