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Jiva and Murali Vijay are the New Friendship Goals

A unique and a fantastic friendship are making its way this Friendship day. The unlikely friendship of Jiva and Murali Vijay, a Kollywood star and a cricketer has taken the industry by storm. The duo accompanied by another musketeer Vineet Padmanabhan are setting friendship goals for many a youngsters.

Jiiva and Murali VIjay

They recently acknowledged their friendship in an interview to a popular newspaper. They may not have been childhood friends, but they assure that their friendship is no less in their strength of dedication. As Jiva said, “We’ve known each other for well over a decade. Vijay joined the school the same year I left it (after Class X). I was intrigued, and would ask my friends who this guy was, joining CBSE medium in Class XI. We often met at cricket grounds, where we both would practice. He became a part of my friends’ gang from my previous school and that’s how we got to know each other.”

Murli and Jiva have become the bestest of best friends since then and the essence lies in them respecting each other. “We respect each other’s profession and are always there during the other’s highs and lows”, Murli said in the interview.

How can we not love these two?

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